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First Steps

Create an account

When you register on our website, you will have to choose a pick-up point to retrieve your delivery. You can browse the places we deliver on our interactive map. The addresses, pick-up days and delivery schedules of each pick-up point will be given on the map.

Make an order

Select your basket from our 3 different offers which are available in 3 different sizes. You can then set the delivery frequency (weekly or biweekly) for your subscription. Finally, you can pay for your subscription with MasterCard or Visa cards.

Basket delivery

The chosen pick-up point determines the delivery day and times for your order. At the pick-up point you will find your basket in a plastic box identified with your name. You will take the contents of the box and leave the empty bin. Please bring your own grocery bag !

Billings, changes and cancellations


Billings will be done automatically according to the subscription frequency you chose. Billing will always take place the same day of the week as when you placed your first order: if you make your first purchase on a Tuesday your billing will always take place on a Tuesday. You will receive a reminder email two days before your billing day to remind you that it is coming soon.


Because everyone has different needs, it is possible to modify your subscription by emailing us at You can make changes at any time to change the type of basket, its size or your frequency of delivery. Warning: if you place a second order on our website it will be added to the existing subscription and will not replace it.


You are going on holiday or do not need your basket? You can cancel your basket at any time for one or more weeks by emailing us. However, cancellations must be made before 8 pm the day before your billing. Finally, if you wish to cancel your subscription entirely, email us and we will cancel it for you!