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Your basket will be automatically delivered every week or every two weeks depending on the frequency you choose. You will be billed on the same day as the day you started your membership.
For example: if you subscribe on a Sunday for a delivery on Thursday at Cafe Santropol, you will be billed every Sunday

No commitment

There is no commitment for our subscription offer, you can skip a week or delete your subscription all together at any time by sending us an email or by phone. Please take note that if you want to skip a week, you need to contact us at least one day before your billing date.

The Organic One - 1 Person



The Organic One - 1 Person

  • $2200

If you click Confirm, we will create a subscription for you based on the interval you chose in the delivered every x weeks input bar.
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Each week, we put a mix of fruits and vegetables inside your basket depending on this week's harvest and wholesalers inventory surplus.


Our produce is always fresh, delicious, fairly priced and organic. The content varies each week. You will see that our products are not so ugly. Moreover, your order reduces food waste!

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